Sometime, about a year ago, I suddenly started hating the tube. 2 minutes at a signal and I am freaking out.

To take my mind off things I begun writing lists, each inspired by my journey on the underground.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

The Problem with January

  • Detox Pushers - why would I try to give up everything I love in the most depressing month of the year?
  • Finding the motivation to exercise is hard enough. Having to do it in the dark is brutal.
  • You look as sallow as an old white towel.
  • It's followed by February.
  • Feels as if you are half way through winter. In reality it's only just begun.
  • Sherlock has finished.
  • The house is cluttered with gifts you didn't want.
  • All the fun (not doing any work) in December comes back to bite you.
  • Even eating has lost its appeal.
  • Pay day is a mirage that never seems to get any closer.
  • You are at the furthest point from a summer holiday.
  • Having more homemade chutney in your fridge than actual food.
  • People insist on saying 'happy new year', long after the happiness and newness have gone out of it.
  • Already tired of hearing how 'we are going to leverage the jubilee/Olympics/euros'. Us and everybody else.
  • You don't even get the pleasure of writing a date with a new year anymore.
  • Eating left-over mince pies/chocolate/Christmas cake out of obligation rather than desire.
  • No retail therapy.

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  1. I have to say, in general, your lists make me smile if not chuckle, with the occasional Lol thrown in for good measure. This however was not what I needed!! Can't we get some fake optimism into the January list!!? I know this is a case of truly running away from the cold dark reality that is my Birthday month, but surely we are better off pretending none of the above is happening and clinging to the idea that a new year resolution is more than just something to tell our mums so they think we are self aware and improving. The thought that I might have to face up to the reality of January is worse than any of those things you have listed. So lets get a "things that are great about January ( but are all lies to get us through the reality ) " List.

    Mr Skinbo