Sometime, about a year ago, I suddenly started hating the tube. 2 minutes at a signal and I am freaking out.

To take my mind off things I begun writing lists, each inspired by my journey on the underground.

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Regrets (I've had a few).

  • Not taking GCSE art.
  • Missing meeting Princess Di.
  • That voicemail.
  • Not paragliding on a family holiday to Turkey.
  • Having pink highlights on my 18th birthday.
  • Throwing tons of clothes away momments before they come back in fashion.
  • Eating dog food thinking it was chocolate.
  • Going to Tahiti on my gap year. Not backpacker-budget friendly.
  • Not eating more of the steak frites on my wedding day.
  • Not keeping a video of my star appearance on the Really Wild Show.
  • Buying a minidisc player.
  • Not sleeping with more people.
  • Overstraighting my hair a uni. 
  • Thinking Spice Girls inspired boots look good.
  • Actually, most of my outfits in the 90's.
  • Having that spliff on my 17th birthday.
  • Frowning too much. 
  • Not speaking to Robbie Williams when I saw him in the street.
  • Losing one Nike hightop somewhere between philidelphia and washington.
  • Not having told an ex-boss what I thought of him.
  • Telling my sister she had had a brain transplant with an old person.
  • Wasting an hour of my life at a Boyzone concert. I never even liked Boyzone.
  • Black Sunday.
  • Starting smoking. Not true. I bloody loved it.
  • Not enjoying the 'hangover free years' more.
  • Never getting into Shameless.
  • That I didn't work in advertising in 60's or 80's.
  • Some things that can not be printed.

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  1. Shame about the ex Boss thing... perhaps you should take them out to dinner and tell them.. if you pay they HAVE to listen... xx