Sometime, about a year ago, I suddenly started hating the tube. 2 minutes at a signal and I am freaking out.

To take my mind off things I begun writing lists, each inspired by my journey on the underground.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Stuff that makes my skin crawl

  • Anything furry: velvet, velour, suede.
  • Cats  doing that pulsey-clawery thing.
  • Biting into a wooden lolly sticks. Sometimes this catches you by surprise.
  • Touching inside my belly button- weirds me out.
  • Seaweed in the sea.
  • Peach skin.
  • Old dish cloths that smell of damp. 
  • Chalk on a blackboard.
  • Trying to think about the fact that the universe goes on forever.
  • Drinking Styrofoam mugs.
  • Dust on a duster. The dust seems to get lodged in the creases of your hand.
  • Toilet brushes. A necessary evil, but the whole concept grosses me out. 
  • The hand of the boy in my class who had warts. 
  • Cows tongues. As rough as sandpaper.
  • Rotten flower stalks that stink of raw shit. Gladioli are the worst offenders.
  • The smell of Butchers. Too periody.
  • Having an itch on the roof of my mouth.
  • The thought of paper cuts between your fingers.
  • Those troughs of water you're suppose to wash your feet in before going in a public pool. 
  • Doing that stretch that involves bending your wrist right back.
  • Hamsters, gerbils, mice. To sketchy.
  • Taramasalata.

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